Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wine down Wednesday

This week I wanted to talk about some wines that DON'T break the bank. I have found these in the stores, a local wine bar, and a restaurant.

The first wine up is Tangent. This bottle was about $45.00 at the wine bar, but if you wanted to buy it and take it home to enjoy you could purchase it for about $20.00. Ladies and Gentlemen, did you know you can buy wine at a restaurant? Especially wine bars! It's something to remember. If you live near a wine bar, I suggest you go and get to know the owner. I know the owner of our local wine bar and every time I walk in he comes over with recommendations. He also offers to sell the bottle to me if I like it as well. Wine for thought! ;)

If you live in Seal Beach, go to The Wine Cellar. I recommend the wine and the tapas. It's a great local spot and the owner is knowledgeable.

Ever have an Albarino? Very tasty!

Next up. A Toscana. Yes, completely different from what I usually drink. But, I do like Italian reds. I'm still however learning about them. I feel as if I have Mastered the California region. ha! Just kidding. But, this Toscana we had on Father's Day. We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants (I'll blog about that next week).

This bottle was $35.00! Yes, I said $35.00. I have found this same bottle at my grocery store for $15.00. Great deal. Good bottle.
Next week I'll be blogging about some favorite local restaurants.