Sunday, September 27, 2009


“It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it!”

Winegirl15 writes a wine blog…Some of you may be asking why? Aside from the delectable opportunity to drink wine as hobby, I have found that some of the greatest memories of my life have been shared around a glass or bottle of Vino! Winegirl15 isn’t a writer, or a winemaker. But, Winegirl15 is a lover of wine! Over the next twelve months, I will take you on my journey to find affordable bottles to either serve at parties, date night with your special someone, night with the girls, or even alone while cooking dinner. After all, those of us who enjoy wine are constantly searching for more information about what is good and what is worth the price? If you follow closely, I plan to bring you more than just affordable pricing of great wine.

Who is Winegirl15?
I was born and raised in Southern California I grew up going to wineries with my parents even before I was able to have a sip. The day I was able to “legally” have a drink I wasn’t even interested in drinking wine. Yes, I know… that’s hard to believe if you know me now. My very first favorite wine was White Zinfandel (This is not a typo). From there I branched into Gewurztraminers, and then on to Rieslings. I stuck mostly with whites for the first year of wine drinking. Today, it is very rare if I go to my local wine bars, wineries, wine stores, and so on and buy bottles of white wine. However, I do enjoy an occasional glass on a hot day or while eating spicy foods.

“When wine enlivens the heart, friendship surrounds the table.”

I am writing this blog mainly for records of what I like and dislike, and to track what wines I will buy in the future. I’m not a wine critic, but I believe that my family and friends would be interested to hear what my opinion is. So, here is my outline:

Budget: $1200.00 - Timeframe: 12 months

I will be selecting three bottles of wine per month to be tasted and written about. To find a little something for everyone, my breakdown will be the following:

Regions: California
Selection One: $10 Bottle of wine
Selection Two: $30 Bottle of wine
Selection Three: $60 bottle of wine (This is where I will include the hubby :))

I will be blogging once a week giving you the reader my insights of this little social experiment. My wish is for everyone to enjoy this journey with me, and leave me feedback! I hope you all enjoy my wine journal!

- xoB